Swarna Bindu Prashana

The need of the hour is increased immunity. And that makes our Swarna Bindu Prashana a crucial offering for society. We at The Vaidya conduct the Swarna Bindu Prashana every month as part of our Preventive Health Care Programs for children. An apt dosage of gold ash, honey and herbs – delivered with precision – can help your children maintain excellent health all their lives

Our Approach – good health with a personal touch:

  • Sterile, single use, disposable vials each time for hygienic dispensing.
  • Dosage of Swarna Bhasma (gold ash) as mentioned in Ayurveda.
  • Medicated Samskritha Gritha to enhance immunity and additional Swarna Bindu Prashana supplement in the form of herbal choorna for better result.
  • Medicine and formulation made by experienced Ayurvedic Pediatricians.
  • Guidance offered to parents to ensure physical and emotional well-being of children.

If you’d like to stop worrying about your children’s health, this program is for you!

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