P N Sathya Narayanan

I had some personal issues with myself. I had approached Mr. Sathya Narayanan for councelling. Even though, I walked in with some uncomfortability, Mr. Sathya Narayanan made me feel so comfortable within no time
— Verified Patient | Bangalore

P N Sathya Narayanan - Counsellor

Emotion is one of the key factors in our life, it plays an important role in how we think and behave. Our emotions are composed of a subjective component (how we experience the emotion), a physiological component (how our bodies react to the emotion), and an expressive component (how we behave in response to the emotion). These different elements can play a role in the function and purpose of our emotional responses. Our emotions can be short-lived or long-lasting as they are situation-oriented. The million-dollar question is, why exactly we experience emotions and what role they serve?  They can motivate us to take actions, make decisions and much more….

I strongly believe that any action or decision made emotionally may bounce back and at times are disastrous causing damage to oneself and/or people around us.   Independent of such situations, providing an opportunity for the folks to describe their feelings and problems for themselves and then to reach decisions and actions that are based on appropriate intellectual/practical choices is my role as a Counselling Psychologist.

With my corporate exposure and experience for over three decades in India and overseas as well as my personal life experience playing various roles as son, spouse, father, brother and a friend; further blending with my professional knowledge & experience, I am here all out to help people, specialized in various areas of Counselling.

Specialized areas of Counselling:

  • Emotional Counselling
  • Child and Adolescence Counselling
  • Educational Counselling (stress & anxiety in students & parents)
  • Family / Relationship Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Mid-life Crisis
  • Specialized in Life Skills programs for educational and corporate sectors


  • BA – Economics & Political Science
  • Diploma in Counselling Skills – DCS
  • Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy -CBT
  • Certified in Faculty Development Program – Train the Trainer
  • Certification in Career Guidance
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Skills  & Psychology