Sahana Ramprasad


Wednesday- 5-8
Thursday: 9-12 and 3-6
Friday: 5-8

Cost - ₹1000 per session

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Sahana Ramprasad - Counsellor

Mrs. Sahana Ramprasad is a certified counsellor (Prerana Academy) and offers emotional therapy sessions to adults and adolescents. Sahana also conducts workshop on Parenting and Stress Management. Her approach is to first validate the clients in their current journey and encourage them to reflect upon their feelings. This may sometimes question the client’s belief system, conditioning or perceptions and by evaluating these, she believes clarity and confidence can be sought. She uses a blend of therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Creative movement, Reiki, Mindfulness to enable clients to lead a richer and calmer life. Sahana believes empowerment is an intense weapon in the battle of life. Empowered individuals sort through situations assertively and peacefully. All emotions are valid and by dealing with them Empowerment can be sought. She is fluent in English, Kannada and Hindi 

Specialized areas of Counselling:

Do you constantly think about many things at a time?

Do you feel low or no energy?

Do you feel sleepy during the day time?

Do you frequent cold and cough often?

Does your heart beat rapidly in certain situation?

If these impend your routine life, then you may be dealing with stress. If untreated, stress can lead to major health problems. Contact a counsellor who will equip you to deal with stressful situations.

Do you feel unusually low always and nothing seems to liven you up?

Do you feel that you are unable to connect with anyone?

Does the world just seem wrong?

Have these feelings been consistent and for a considerable period?

If these feelings are intense and hindering your daily life on a prolonged period, you may be suffering from depression. Depression are of varied kind and hence visiting a counsellor/therapist will aid you in dealing with it.

Do you fidget?

Is fidgeting a part of your behaviour?

What do think when you are fidgeting?

Does fidgeting help you deal with your feelings?

If a habit is creating dependency and arresting your daily activities, you may be suffering from anxiety issues. A counsellor/therapist will help you in managing your anxiety.

Do you suddenly feel disconnected with your own life and people in it?

Do you feel like drastically bringing about a change in your appearance or life?

Do you feel nervous or tensed about the impending future?

Do you worry about your age?

Do any of these restrict you from leading life to its fullest, you may be suffering from midlife crisis. Contact a counsellor to know how to deal with your situation.


  • MBA (Human Resources)
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Certificate Course on Counselling
  • Solution Based Brief Therapy (SFBT)
  • Art Assessment/Therapy

  • Creative Movement Therapy
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)