Prarambha is our flagship wellness program, aimed at ensuring that women experience pregnancy as a time of joyous development and celebration.

In Prarambha, four distinct Modules together deliver holistic care to the expectant mother and the child. They are as follows:

The Physical Module caters to the physical changes occurring in the mother’s body. Optimal adaptation and health of body is achieved by the practice of specific yogasanas under the guidance of an expert.

The Mental Module aligns various thought patterns by emphasizing on positive emotions. This is achieved via meditation and mental conditioning

Salient features

  • Prarambha’s four modules together ensure three vital aspects: ahara (diet), vihara (lifestyle) and vichara (thought process).
  • The program is flexible enough to be specifically tailored to the needs of individual women.
  • The program also prepares the mother for natural childbirth, which is a unique experience for both mother and child.
  • It prepares the body and mind to handle labour pains.
  • Usually requires 2 sessions per week ; the schedules of working women are taken into account.

The Emotional Module addresses the emotional upheavals that accompany most pregnancies. Most expectant mothers are concerned about having a healthy and smooth pregnancy. And they wonder if they would be loving, caring, gentle and patient – qualities required for motherhood. Our program instills in the mothers a sense of peace and fortitude. This is achieved via a step-by-step approach to pregnancies and numerous counseling sessions.

The Spiritual Module helps the mother form a delicate bond with the life growing inside her womb via specialized meditative techniques.


At the end of a successful and happy pregnancy, we encourage the mother and child to enroll for our Post natal care program and later, for the Swarna Bindu Prashana.

But with Prarambha, an expectant mother and her child get the best guidance during one of Life’s most important journeys. And knowing that we made a positive difference is, frankly speaking, one of our biggest rewards.

  • Mother and child are connected from the very beginning of Life.
  • Foetus receives more oxygen and endorphins.
  • Mother experiences a drastic reduction in stress.
  • Enhanced ability to cope with mood swings.
  • Body and mind are finely tuned to the needs of natural childbirth.
  • Sanskaras (values) are imparted to the foetus.



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