Depression - The Inner World

By Sahana Ramprasad

The vital information about Depression is that it is a disorder of the mood. One tends to feel unhappy, despair, morose and so on during this period. However, the feeling is not same in all and has various factors affecting it.

I have seen that the millennials tend to use the expression ‘I am so depressed’ quite often. This has made me wonder if the term needs to undergo transformation. Many a times an intense episode of sadness is mistaken for depression, longer periods of sadness is mistaken for depression, blue moods often are mistaken for depression.

Depression is a reality faced by many and it is not pretty. Simply put, depression breeds only depression. The individual becomes incapable of experiencing any other form of emotion when in depression. It feeds on positivity and negates the emotion. It heavily adheres the routine/ functionality of an individual. Everyday tasks seem like a chore. Emotional Upheaval takes a toll on the body and makes an individual lethargic.  I have often come across patients who lose interest in eating and get by skipping meals altogether.

Lack of empathy can also be a factor leading to depression, individuals nowadays are so focused on appearing socially appropriate that human emotions are expressed through emoticons. When in real time situation, they feel confused and uncertain about the emotions to be displayed. Social media has bred apathy among the millennials which has made them extremely sensitive about everyday life. 


When in doubt, consult an expert. Self-diagnosis can do much harm than no diagnosis! There are sure shot symptoms of depression which an expert can single out. I suggest individuals to approach this issue with the much-needed attention it demands. Remember, when you feel moody, unhappy, morose, gloomy for a period of at least 2 weeks and nothing seems to change your mood, it is time to seek the opinion of an expert.

When you constantly put yourself down and feel sad consult a Mental Health Professional. Depression can vary in individuals and there is still research going on the symptoms of Depression.

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