Salient Programs


Yoga & Detox

Our Yoga and Detoxification programs are tailor made to suit each patient needs.      


Prarambha is our flagship wellness program, aimed at ensuring that women have a joyous experiance.


An Ayurvedic Immunisation program that benefit kids from 6 months - 16 years.                           


Ayurveda offers medicines prepared from pure natural extracts, and therefore results in least or no side effects. 


Our certified counselors are trained and experts in a wide range of issues .


We at The Vaidya that everybody can manage their emotions and create beautiful destinies for themselves.


Women Centric Healthcare

We offer specific health care programs for women and children paving the way for balance and empowerment within the family, be it during puberty, pregnancy, postnatal, menopause or geriatric care.

We believe these are transitions and major  shifts which can be handled in a holistic way and guidance and support during these phases helps the women and family.


Reinvent Yourself with the Magic of Ayuveda